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For the last eight months, I have been using the Z Cam E2 S6. I have used the camera in a diverse range of scenarios — outdoors in rain, inside offices for hours long interviews, in manufacturing facilities with lots of dust, in freezing cold snow, and on melting hot, humid night shoots. …

My favorite person in the entire world died of cancer. Not only did it shatter me irreparably, it didn’t make sense. Although my grandmother was the epitome of Black Southerner (besides walking miles to receive an education as a child and baking cakes and pies with sorcery as an adult, her first name was Virginia), she was one of the healthiest people I’d ever known. Her breakfast was normally light — toast or small bagel with tea sometimes, but mostly coffee (heavier breakfast items like grits and biscuits were saved for the weekend). In the summertime, her diet consisted primarily…

Trump knows he didn’t win the election. He also knows that an even bigger loss is looming. He knew long before the election, that his business, and the Trump brand, has some reckoning in the coming years. When it comes to his brand, his family name, he will stop at nothing to protect and preserve it. All of the latest post-election shenanigans, hype about election fraud and irregular ballots has less to do with actually overturning the election and more to do with keeping people thinking he can overturn the election — and keep collecting those donor dollars.

If you…

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed by either party.
The Riches filed a lawsuit in March 2018 against Fox News, a Fox News reporter, and a Texas businessman.
The lawsuit alleged that Malia Zimmerman, the reporter named in the lawsuit, worked with Ed Butowsky, the Texas businessman, to develop a “sham” story about Rich’s death that Fox News published online in May 2017 and referenced on-air multiple times.
“The settlement with Fox News closes another chapter in our efforts to mourn the murder of our beloved Seth, whom we miss every single day,” the parents, Joel and Mary Rich, said in…

Losing a presidential election is a crushing experience. In 2004, shortly before midnight on the day of the election, it became clear that President Bush would win Ohio and thus win re-election. The networks, out of an abundance of caution, didn’t call it until later the next day. It took Senator John Kerry, the Democratic Party’s nominee, longer still to accept the outcome.BAL

This was no ordinary election. By now, you know that. But I mean it in a slightly different way. Not just that Trump’s still trying to steal it, and the GOP’s in cahoots. No, I mean that this election was something like a census of American Idiots.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve been hearing stories like this. A nurse talks, bewildered, desperate, about people in the Covid ICU. Who are gasping for breath. Plenty of whom go on to die. …

Much of the way people enjoy the arts is changing in the midst of the Coronavirus. With music venues around the country closing (or unable to open), and ‘Made for TV’ becoming more and more like it’s big-picture cousin, media is being consumed differently.

There are countless versions of this lasagna-like Greek eggplant dish, but I’m not crazy about the kind with the custard on top. In Dinner For Everyone, I have recipes for mushroom and sweet potato moussaka, one with stewed lamb, and this one, below. Meat-eaters will be glad they decided to make it: All of the flavors and ingredients of the classic are captured without needing to cook and assemble a bunch of separate components. Read on for this weekend’s one-dish meal.

I know how you’re feeling. You’re tired. Angry. Defeated. You’ve staked your hopes for the future of the United States on the fortunes of a political leader who represented everything you knew to be right and true. You felt proud to be American once again. After spending the previous eight years wondering how the country had drifted so far from its erstwhile status as the “shining city upon a hill,” you were back on top and life was good.


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